We get your business found online with SEO. We are experts at creating, storing, finding, manipulating and sharing information, i.e., "informatics". We teach and coach.

What is...?

What is SEO and what will it do for your business? We know there is a lot to consider before you sign with an SEO consultant. We created our FAQ to aid in clarity.


Doing what you love depends on finding the right consultant partners—people who value their craft, know information systems, are experts, and also happen to be nice people.

Informatics and organic SEO for artists and creatives

What Our Clients Say.

  • Testimonial of Yvonne Heimann of Pacific Crest Media for Impact Zone Consultancy and Jewel H. Ward.
    Finally someone that REALLY knows SEO. If you've been burned by so called SEO experts before... search no longer YOU FOUND THE REAL DEAL!!! Job done well, fast and tippled my traffic in 6 months
    Pacific Crest Media
  • Testimonial of Shelly Bauman Murphy of Northern Michigan Digital for Impact Zone Consultancy and Jewel H. Ward.
    I am very impressed by your timeliness, your work ethic and attention to detail.
    Northern Michigan Digital
  • Testimonial of Jill Kaplan of Dog Stylists for Impact Zone Consultancy and Jewel H. Ward.
    I get as much personalized attention as I need, a concern and desire to know the unique needs of my business, and interest in presenting my company in a good light. I get so many compliments.
    Dog Stylists
  • Testimonial of Amira Rahim of Amira Rahim Art for Impact Zone Consultancy and Jewel H. Ward.
    Jewel is an extremely gifted individual. Happy we crossed paths by chance on Facebook. I'm happy with the work she did on my website for SEO. I will definitely be booking her again in the near future. A breeze to work with.
    Amira Rahim Art
  • Testimonial of Alli Elmunzer of Turquoise and Palm for Impact Zone Consultancy and Jewel H. Ward.
    Jewel and her team at Impact Zone Consultancy are amazing. Unbelievably knowledgeable and really good at putting the technical side of things into terms I could understand and apply to my business. I highly recommend Jewel and Impact Zone Consultancy.
    Turquoise & Palm

Quality is our top priority. We work best with a person and company who understands that results online take real effort and time. There are no gimmicks, no hard sales pitches, and no shortcuts. Just plain old boring hard work.

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