SEO Retainer and Pricing for Creative Services Firms

First, understand our SEO process and make sure you have had a basic site review and full SEO services implementation. Next, talk to us about what problems you would like us to solve with your SEO retainer.
The value to you of SEO is greater visibility online.

When people can find you, they can read your posts, buy your products, and contract your services.

Your financial and time investment in Search Engine Optimization will be returned to you 100% with better sales and higher visibility online.

Let us handle the technical and backend management and maintenance work so you can focus on your core business.

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Learn Why You Want a Monthly SEO Retainer

Whether or not you need monthly maintenance depends on your own technical skills, the available resources, the type of website you have, and your online goals.

Every website needs some maintenance each month, even if it is simply monitoring the traffic and making sure software platform and plugin updates do not mess up your site.

It is a bit like having a 2nd home, where you hire a property manager to make sure no one has broken in to your house, and ensures the house is dusted regularly and the grass is cut.

Websites are no different, nor is your off-site presence. “Someone” needs to maintain your online world, even if it is simply looking over things a few times a month.

If you don’t have the time or the technical expertise or even the desire to do so, you need to hire someone to do it for you.

We offer monthly retainers that provide everything from bare-bones site monitoring to on-page and off-page campaign goal setting and implementation. (Yes, that is the marketing part of SEO.)

These services ensure you will maintain your position online and improve your competitive rankings.

Read About Our Customizable Monthly SEO Retainer Services

We provide the following monthly SEO services to professional services firms and creatives. We will design a retainer package that fits your unique needs.

  1. SEO Strategy, Coaching or Teaching
    • SEO coaching and teaching for blogging
    • Technical advice on website
    • On-site SEO advising and strategy
    • Off-site SEO advising and strategy
    • Social media target demographic advising
    • Mini search engine* target demographic advising
    • Content strategy
    • SEO Training
    • Ongoing link-building strategies and methods
  2. Analytics and Research
    • Keyword optimization and research
    • Predictive keyword analysis
    • Content analysis
    • Monthly website analytics reporting to make sure monthly goals are met
    • Regular review and analysis of analytics
    • Analysis, not just reporting, of web analytics
    • Monitor traffic for decreases early on and pinpoint cause (if possible)
    • Monitor changes in SEO algorithms and apply as needed to site
    • ID new market opportunities via new mini search engines*, apps, etc.
    • Conversion reporting
    • Heat mapping and tree mapping, and other basic data visualizations
    • Google/Bing Analytics setup
  3. On-site SEO
    • Local search optimization
    • Ongoing review of site content and structure
    • Meta tags (title and description) optimization
    • Alternate tags added to images
    • Website optimization (broken links, load speed, et al.)
    • Link redirect audit
    • Link analysis
    • Internal link restructuring
    • Custom 404 error page set up
    • Optimization of robots.txt
    • Creation and registration of sitemap.xml with search engines
    • Information architecture audit
    • HTML and CSS code clean up
    • Website usability and design analysis
    • Web server analysis and reporting
    • Content development, including revising based on monthly analytics review
    • Content development, including revising based on identified new market opportunities
    • Update website (technical) as needed based on monthly analytics review
    • Google/Bing Analytics traffic analysis
  4. Off-site SEO
    • Google+/Bing business profile setup/optimization
    • Set up of social media
    • Set up of mini search engine* sites
    • Other tasks TBD
  5. Monthly maintenance is not:
    • Keyword stuffing
    • Buying and selling links
    • Sending an analytics report without analysis
  6. We do not offer….**
    • Social media marketing (but I do advise and offer strategies)
    • Blog post and newsletter writing and development
    • Ongoing link-building activities (but I do advise and offer strategies)
    • Google AdWords

* A “mini search engine” means sites such as:,,,, etc.

** We can recommend some great people who do offer these services.

Understand Pricing for Your SEO Maintenance

We track and complete deliverables based upon pre-established goals and tasks. We provide analytics and metrics with an individual analysis and context, not just a pre-printed template.

Our standard retainer prices start at $199/quarter for basic SEO service. Our monthly SEO retainer is $249 for full service. What you need depends on the your goals and the available budget.

Our average monthly custom maintenance package is ~$600 per month. Custom monthly maintenance packages are available. Please call us to determine your requirements and pricing.

Read the Pricing Table for SEO Maintenance Packages

We offer standard quarterly and monthly SEO maintenance bundles.

Quarterly SEO Maintenance
Quarterly written SEO report
Automated monthly SEO report
SEO software seat
Quarterly SEO check-up
Technical SEO check
Indexability check
Site speed check
Content check
Monthly SEO Maintenance
Monthly written SEO report
Automated monthly SEO report
SEO software seat
Monthly SEO check-up
Technical SEO check
Indexability check
Site speed check
Content check
Broken pages and links check
Bounce rate check
Security check
Keyword check
Metadata check
Mobile SEO check
Duplicate content check
Custom Starting at:
SEO Coaching
Analytics and Research
On-page SEO
Off-page SEO
Local Marketing
Citation Clean-up & Monitoring

Please call or email for a custom SEO maintenance estimate.


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If you would like to learn more about Search Engine Optimization, we have several short and concise blog posts that offer free SEO help for DIY websites.

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