Know In What Order Each Major Piece Happens

Every client is unique, and every client’s project is unique. Through trial-and-error and a lot of patience from our clients, we have developed an SEO process that works smoothly for everyone.

SEO Process Described

The image below gives an overview of our process. Below the image, we list detailed text descriptions of each step in the process.

Impact Zone SEO Project Process Described
Of course, this graphic is a bit simplified. If you would like to understand more, keep reading!

SEO Process Detailed Descriptions

1. Initial Consult

This step consists of a clarity call where we discuss your website and social media problems and offer initial solutions. We run a series of small tests on the site and do some spot checking. At that point, we can usually evaluate the larger set of issues that you need to address, the value to you of implementing those services, and provide an estimate to you as to the cost of implementing those services.

2. Site Review

We conduct a full site review based on a 6-page checklist. The audit is a combination of computer-based tests and human review. To summarize, we check keywords (URL, page title, heading tag, meta description, and body copy); inbound and outbound links; run a full technical site audit; analyze on-page SEO; evaluate off-page SEO, and examine needs for ongoing maintenance.

Next, we discuss the results and what is positive about your current site and what needs improvement. The output is a report if you want only the site review. If you want to have us implement the SEO services we have outlined, the next step is a Scope of Work.

3. Scope of Work

The Scope of Work (SOW) is a contract between us. This document summarizes your online problems and goals. We describe the SEO services we offer and list the expected output. Next, we outline the project assumptions, the delivery schedule, guarantees, and intellectual property and copyright. We describe the following sections of SEO work, what we will and will not implement for you, and at what price.

Those sections are: Strategy & Research, Technical Site Audit, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Monthly Maintenance. We provide you with a total project estimate and a payment schedule. Once we have both signed the SOW, we will send you a PDF copy for your records. We will invoice you, and once we have received the first payment, we will begin the work.

4. Implementation

We execute the work we agreed upon in the SOW. We focus this section of the project primarily on Strategy & Research, the Technical Site Audit, On-page SEO, and we develop strategies for Off-page SEO. The purpose of this task is to set a strong foundation for the ongoing Off-page SEO and Monthly Maintenance work that leads to higher rankings in search engine results and drives traffic to your site. Better rankings and more traffic means more clients, customers, and sales.

5. Off-site Implementation and Monthly Maintenance

For this task, we focus on blogging, link building, and monitoring the website’s analytics to ensure the earlier SEO work is hitting the goals we set. The output includes reports plus analysis.
If you have any questions about the SEO process, please contact me. We are happy to provide more information. If you would like to learn more, please visit our SEO Services and Pricing page. Thank you for reaching out to us.

Know the steps of your small business SEO process