What kind of investment are you looking at with regards to search engine optimization (SEO)? We dislike saying this phrase, but it depends. Your SEO pricing will depend on many factors. These factors include the size of your website to the depth of your problems to the goals of your campaign.

You may download a PDF of Impact Zone’s SEO Pricing Packages. The pricing is current as of 22 June 2017.

SEO Objectives

First of all, SEO services have three primary goals.

  1. Website owners want to increase organic website traffic and keyword rankings.
  2. Business owners have to create a new customer base.
  3. Marketers wish to increase brand awareness.

You want to engage an SEO consultant because the successful implementation and maintenance of these objectives leads to increased sales and profits over time.

SEO Packages

The bundled SEO implementation includes keyword strategy and research, technical SEO, on-page optimization, and client support.

Save 10% each on the Individual Bundle and SEO monthly maintenance prices when you sign up for 10 months of SEO monthly maintenance at $249/month when you buy one of the bundles, below. (Our standard monthly maintenance details are listed in the next section.)

Individual Bundle

  • 9 page website
  • Initial Consultation (free)
  • Digital & Online Strategy
  • SEO Audit & Scope of Work
  • Keyword Research & Optimization
  • On-page & Technical SEO
  • Customer Support

$1,825 SEO (audit & implementation only)

If you wish to buy the Individual Bundle with Monthly Maintenance, then you may make 12 payments of $319/month, for an annual cost of $3,828.

Professional Bundle

  • 18 page website
  • Initial Consultation (free)
  • Digital & Online Strategy
  • SEO Audit & Scope of Work
  • Keyword Research & Optimizationv
  • On-page SEO & Technical SEO
  • Customer Support

$3,400 SEO (audit & implementation only)

If you wish to purchase the Professional Bundle with Monthly Maintenance, then you may make 12 payments of $439/month, for an annual cost of $5268.

Small Business Bundle

  • 27 page website
  • Initial Consultation (free)
  • Digital & Online Strategy
  • SEO Audit & Scope of Work
  • Keyword Research & Optimization
  • On-page & Technical SEO
  • Customer Support

$4,975 (SEO audit & implementation only)

If you wish to buy the Small Business Bundle with Monthly Maintenance, then you may make 12 payments of $559/month, for an annual cost of $6,708.

For a definition of each of these services above, please read the following sections. (To learn more, please read our our SEO Services page.)

SEO Maintenance

SEO maintenance keeps your site in compliance with the practices we recommend and the basic SEO work we performed.

We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs for monthly SEO maintenance. (To learn more, please visit our Advanced SEO Services and Monthly Retainer page.

Standard SEO Maintenance

Furthermore, SEO retainer prices start at $199/quarter for basic SEO maintenance. This service includes the following.

  • Quarterly human-written SEO report
  • Automated monthly SEO report
  • SEO software seat
  • Quarterly SEO check-up
  • Technical SEO check
  • Indexability check
  • Site speed check
  • Content check

Our standard monthly SEO retainer is $249. This service includes the following services.

  • Monthly human-written SEO report
  • Automated monthly SEO report
  • Automated weekly SEO report (optional)
  • SEO software seat
  • Monthly SEO check-up
  • Technical SEO check
  • Indexability check
  • Site speed check
  • Content check
  • Keyword check
  • Mobile SEO check
  • Duplicate content check
  • Broken pages and links check
  • Bounce rate check
  • Security check
  • Metadata check

What you need depends on your goals, your platform, and the available budget.

Custom SEO Maintenance

The pricing for this service starts at $400/month. À la carte packages are available. We include the following services.

  1. Keyword research. We will review the keywords for which your site is optimized, and give you information about their search volume tracked over a time.
  2. Website review. We will monitor your site for new content added each month, and make sure that your keyword phrases are being used effectively.
  3. Competitive analysis. We will track your competition and give you specific recommendations on how to stay at the top in search results.
  4. Monthly/weekly reporting. We will review your analytics to provide opportunities to improve rankings and to ensure your website retains its position in the search results.

Again, what you may need depends on your campaign goals and your budget.

À La Carte Basic SEO Services

If you cannot find what you need in our established packages, then review our services to create a unique package to suit your requirements.

Digital Strategy

The Digital Strategy will help us to understand your business strategy, your business goals, what is great about your current online strategy, and what needs work. This research and analysis helps us understand your target market, including demographics and what products or services they look for, and how they look for them.

Also, we check your website and online (social media) presence to know what is great about your website, and what needs work. Most noteworthy, it forms the basis of the Scope of Work and final contract.

Full Site Audit

The website audit includes all or portions of the following work, based on the needs of the client.

  • A review of the competitiveness of the client’s industry and the targeted keywords.
  • Suggestions on link building- including from where and how you can grow links.
  • A review of the current ranking potential of the client’s site and back link profile analysis.
  • Recommendations for avoiding and fixing negative SEO issues such as keyword stuffing, duplicate content, URL canonicalization, hidden text, hidden links, sneaky redirects, and keyword cannibalization.
  • A review of issues related to website usability, website credibility, website accessibility, user engagement, legal issues, and suggestions on how to fix them.
  • Recommendations on content development. In particular, identifying the types of content and content categories that will attract more traffic and links, and, therefore, will help in improving conversions (goals).
  • Review of the client’s site traffic – how visitors find your website, where they come from and how they use it. Hence, this review includes examining how your keywords and any advertising campaigns are performing. Furthermore, we determine how the site is performing in comparison to other sites in comparable industries.

Competitive Analysis

This analysis provides vital information on competitors, including which keywords they are targeting and what they doing to attract traffic and links. We check their backlinks. Consequently, we determine the current ranking potential of your keywords against your competitors in search engines to help establish the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Keyword Research

This work provides a list of the keywords that will bring the highest volume of relevant traffic to the website along with their search volume. As a result, it also provides suggestions on how keywords should be used on site to attract more traffic.

Technical Site Review and Optimization

We do our best to fix any technical issues we identified during the website audit, so that the website works for the client’s business and it is able to convert relevant traffic into sales or leads.

On-page SEO

The SEO consultant will change the title tags, meta tags, content, HTML code, naming conventions, and other on-page factors of a client’s website. As a result, the website is more relevant to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing for targeted keywords. In addition, we do keyword positioning and placement to attract more traffic to the site.

Link Building

We help you determine a strategy for blogging and organically growing links to your site from other websites and social media, et al. Because our goal is to improve the ranking potential of your website in search engines, we want to rank your website for targeted keyword phrases in search engine results pages (SERPs). Therefore, if appropriate, this may include press releases, articles, and news, since these will aid in building backlinks to your site.

Social Media Optimization

We advise you on which social media and micro sites your target demographic spends time. We can help you develop a strategy to reach them. Our SEO consultant does not do the social media posts themselves, but we can make referrals. We advise on strategy. The purpose of this service is to develop publicity because social media is the PR part of your marketing.

SEO Monthly Maintenance

The service can mean many things, depending on the client’s needs. This service may only cover bare bones site monitoring through software with an auto-generated monthly or weekly report. Opposite to the latter, it may include monthly website maintenance, and on-page and off-page campaign goal setting and implementation.

In conclusion, these services make sure you will keep up your place online and improve your competitive rankings.

Ask Us Anything

One-on-one coaching, teaching, or advising on SEO, either on-demand ($125/hr) or as a package of 10 hours ($1125).

We offer SEO coaching or training through phone or Skype, on-site consultation, or both. As part of this service, the client or their employee will learn the basics of search engine optimization and how search engines work. In addition, we cover the basics of on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Our goal is to teach Google’s webmaster guidelines so that students understand why they are important.

Finally, we teach you how to interpret Google analytics data and how to conduct usability tests. Hence, we provide hands on training for you on how to build links, traffic, and or any other topic covered by our existing SEO services.


No reputable SEO Agency will guarantee you results. We do not control the search engines nor the search engine companies. We can make some promises, though.

Guarantee I

You will be happy with the results. If not, changes are covered for 30 days after
completion, free to you.

Guarantee II

Our recommendations will increase your traffic and search engines won’t penalize you.


To create digital connections between businesses, organizations, or institutions, and their clients, customers or users. We lay the digital breadcrumbs and create a path between the two to make information findable and retrievable.


To connect people with the products, services, and information they want and/or need.

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