We know you have a lot of questions regarding SEO services, SEO maintenance, and most of all, the cost to your business. So, what kind of investment are you looking at with regards to search engine optimization (SEO)? We dislike saying this phrase, but it depends. Your SEO pricing will depend on the types of services you need. These factors include the size of your website to the depth of your problems to the goals of your campaign.

SEO Objectives

First of all, SEO services have three primary goals.

  1. Website owners want to increase organic website traffic and keyword rankings.
  2. Business owners have to create a new customer base.
  3. Marketers wish to increase brand awareness.

You want to engage an SEO consultant because the successful implementation and maintenance of these objectives brings increased sales and profits over time.

SEO Packages

The bundled SEO implementation includes keyword strategy and research, technical SEO, on-page optimization, and client support. Save 10% each on the Individual Bundle and SEO monthly maintenance prices when you sign up for 10 months of SEO monthly maintenance at $249/month when you buy one of the bundles, below. (Our standard monthly maintenance details are listed in the next section.)


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SEO Maintenance

SEO maintenance keeps your site in compliance with the practices we recommend and the basic SEO work we performed. We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs for monthly SEO maintenance. (To learn more, please visit our Advanced SEO Services and Monthly Retainer page. What you need depends on your goals, your platform, and the available budget.

Again, what you may need depends on your campaign goals and your budget.


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À La Carte Basic SEO Services

If you cannot find what you need in our established packages, then review our services to create a unique package to suit your requirements.


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No reputable SEO Agency will guarantee you results. We do not control the search engines nor the search engine companies. We can make some promises, though.

Guarantee I

You will be happy with the results. If not, changes are covered for 30 days after
completion, free to you.

Guarantee II

Our recommendations will increase your traffic and search engines won’t penalize you.


We create digital connections between a business, organization, or institution, and their clients, customers or users. We lay the digital breadcrumbs and create a path between the two to make information findable and retrievable.


To get our clients found online so they can spend time doing what they love.


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