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Testimonials and Reviews of Impact Zone Consultancy

Jewel was an excellent technical writer and a great asset to our team at MCI. Her work was always exemplary. She learned quickly and was never afraid of a challenge. I am very happy to recommend Jewel!

Recommendation of J. Ward by Christopher M.

Jewel is an extremely gifted individual. Happy we crossed paths by chance on Facebook. I’m happy with the work she did on my website for SEO. I will definitely be booking her again in the near future. A breeze to work with.

Recommendation of Jewel Ward by Amira R.

Jewel worked with me on a large database project and did an excellent job. She helped me troubleshoot issues and offered excellent solutions. She takes her work seriously and is friendly and professional–a great combination. I hope to work with her again in the near future.

Recommendation of Jewel Ward by Daina B.

Jewel was a graduate student with me at UNC Chapel Hill SILS, and I encouraged her to apply for the doctoral program. She has keen intellect, high energy, outstanding attention to detail, and a strong goal orientation. I have been pleased to see her progress towards the Ph.D. degree, and anticipate she will have a …

Recommendation of Jewel Ward by Greg N.

I get as much personalized attention as I need, a concern and desire to know the unique needs of my business, and interest in presenting my company in a good light. I get so many compliments.

Recommendation of Jewel Ward by Jill K.

I worked with Jewel on organizing a student project at USC that involved large-scale online usage data processing, advanced software development, coupled with social network analysis and visualization. Jewel was a pleasure to work with, detail- as well as results-oriented in all facets of her work, knowledgeable about even the finer details of the research, …

Recommendation of Jewel Ward by Johan B.

I worked with Jewel Ward for several years at USC, and was privileged to be her back up on a project with graduate computer science students working for her on a very visual database concept. Jewel chaired the Libraries’ digital roundtable, and I participated in their events and gave a presentation on the evolution of …

Recommendation of Jewel Ward by Sara T.

I am very impressed by your timeliness, your work ethic and attention to detail.

Recommendation of Jewel Ward by Shelly M.

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