You are busy and you have a business to run. You have your life to live. The last thing you want to do is spend 12 hours optimizing your images or worrying about your SEO and why your website traffic is low or does not rank well, right?

After all, we know “Content is King”. Let’s just forget the rest.

How Does Cutting Corners Hurts Your Website Traffic?

You build your site yourself or have a web designer do it based on an existing theme. You build it on a host or platform your cousin’s brother’s friend recommended. The typical website basic pages are there — home, services, blog, about, contact.

You know you want a blog and you decide on your topic. You decide on categories and select a few keywords. Then you start writing. You focus on writing good content and write a great blog post, and even find an image that fits your blog post.

Then you upload your images to your blog post without compressing or resizing them. You don’t take the time to describe the image with keywords. You leave the original file name, such as DSC1591.jpg, that provides no description at all.

Your web designer cut some corners on time and uploaded your images to your main site without compressing them, first. When you visit your website, you think its slow to load, but it is pretty and the web designer delivered what you ordered. So you ignore the problem because you think it doesn’t matter.

You don’t spend time fixing the slow loading site, or optimizing the technicals at all because don’t care. It is not your thing. You have other and better things to do, plus you are generating a lot of new content for the site.

One day, you look at your online sales and your site traffic. You are disappointed with the numbers, and you are very upset. You put all that effort into building a nice looking, professional site.

How to Increase Your Website Traffic for (Mostly) Free

As you look at the data, you think about how you have put blood, sweat and tears into writing great blog posts. Why, you wonder, is your website traffic low?

The answer is simple. Great content is not enough.

“Content may be king, but distribution is Queen, and she wears the pants.” –Jonathan Perelman

You have to get your content out there on social media and other platforms…but first, you have to fix your own content distribution system, a.k.a., your website.

  1. You must make sure your website loads fast, in less than 3 seconds. Under 1 second is ideal.
  2. Check that your images are optimized for height, width, and file size prior to upload to make this happen. No, plugins aren’t always enough. Do not upload more than the maximum required width and height. You can reduce your file size via TinyPNG. Upload JPEGs, not PNG files, with the rare exception, like your logo.
  3. You must check for broken links and create 301 or 301 redirects.
  4. The page slugs (the URLS) must describe the page site content with keywords.
  5. Your web developer or you may need to set up a security certificate (SSL) and https.
  6. Add your website to a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Are you asleep, yet?

Technical optimization is tedious. It is dull; it takes hours; and it is not fun. Yet without it, visitors will not stay long enough to view your awesome content. It is the yang to the yin of content.

Search engines such as Google will penalize you if your site does not load quickly, and does not meet certain standards. If you want to rank well, your site must be technically great to excellent, not merely OK or good.

If You Want More Website Traffic, Then Technically Optimize Your Site

If you are going to make the effort to build an attractive website with great content, then it is worth it to go the extra distance and make sure your site is technically sound.

Your site traffic, sales, and clients will thank you. Most of all, your bank account will thank you.

Just do it. Just build a fast and well-designed website already! Your website traffic will increase.

If you would like to work with me to get found online with better technical search engine optimization, please see my services page. I previously published this post on website traffic as a guest blogger on on 7 April 2016.

How to Improve Website Traffic When It's Too Low

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