Understand the Definition of Data Analytics

Here is how our data analytics and content analysis consulting may help you with your analytics problems. First, let us come to an agreement as to what we are discussing.

Analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics, as well as the information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics. —Oxford Dictionary

Next, now that we know the basic definition of data analytics, we will discuss why analysis is important, and how Impact Zone can help you with your data analytics and content analysis. (Content analysis is a social science methodology. You may read more about it here.)

Learn Why You Should Care About Data Analytics

You should care about data analytics. Why? Because an analysis of your data could show information you had not yet realized about your customer base. It may give the rationale to keep going or change direction and easily capture a market. Also, you may have a large data set and simply need the help of an expert with familiarity in a variety of research methods. Understanding your data helps you run your business smarter.

In addition, an analysis of internal data may offer better ways to track problems and improve an overall product. Data is no panacea, and it must be of a certain level of quality. Furthermore, a solid data analysis provides you with an extra tool by which to make better choices about your work and output(s).

Understand What Our Data Analytics and Content Analysis Consulting Provides

Impact Zone creates impact from inquiry and insight by applying established Social Science and statistical research methodologies to the data at hand. Therefore, we have expertise with the following areas.

  • Data analytics and data analysis
  • Content Analysis Methodology
  • The quantitative analysis of data
  • Qualitative analysis, including qualitative surveys and analysis
  • Other research as needed

Last, we are happy to develop a valid and reliable study for you, gather new data, or aid you in the analysis of existing data. Since consulting rates for our data analytics services varies by project scope and type, please contact us for further information.

Data analytics and content analysis consulting services