01 Impact Zone SEO Newsletter 16 June 2017

Today we announce the inaugural issue of the Twice Monthly 16 June 2017 Impact Zone Newsletter. We feel thrilled, so we hope you feel excitement, too!

Our goals are to help you get found online, to better navigate your digital dilemmas, and to laugh and have fun on the crazy life journey we are all traveling together. We want to offer articles to our clients that are useful, fun, and engaging.

Impact Zone will email five articles every two weeks that are our “Top Five” for the previous two weeks. We are 100% spam free. We will never sell your information to anyone.

The topics will range from SEO and web/online/social media to the randomness of life events. We want you to apply what you learn immediately, so your small business can succeed online. And, we want you to have fun while you do it.

You may read the inaugural Twice Monthly 16 June 2017 Impact Zone Newsletter online or download a PDF version, below.

Twice Monthly 16 June 2017 Impact Zone Newsletter

Do you have something you want covered in the Impact Zone Newsletter? Is there something related to SEO, digital marketing, digital strategy, digital stewardship, or a related topic about which you would like to know more?

If so, then remember that we take requests on articles or areas about which you would like to learn more.

If you would like to subscribe now, please email us or go to the sign up box on this website. We put it in the bottom right footer. Please feel free to send this blog post to anyone you think whose small business will benefit from our newsletter.

Impact Zone Top 5 Newsletter 16 June 2017

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Jewel H. Ward

Founder and Consultant at Impact Zone Consultancy
When my dreams of becoming a professional big wave surfer* were dashed, I found solace in coffee, chocolate, and information technology.

I am an expert in the theory and practice of digital stewardship, including digital preservation and curation. I have 20+ years of experience with information and data systems in business, research, and academia.

*I never had a chance; it was only a dream. 🙂
Jewel H. Ward
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