05 Impact Zone SEO Newsletter 12 August 2017

Welcome to our SEO Newsletter 12 August 2017! You can view the original email newsletter in your browser. Here is our SEO Top 5 for you.

1. SEO for Artists by Jewel Ward, Free Workshop – Impact Zone

We are offering a free workshop called SEO for Artists by Jewel Ward this coming Friday, August 18th from 1-2:30 PM EDT. We are here to answer creatives’ small business SEO questions. Come prepared to laugh and learn! Register now via https://izco.me/2vr68Xt or read our blog post and access the link there. Send us your questions in advance, and we will cover as many as we can.

2. Is Google AMP Worth It? Three Real-World Case Studies

Should you switch to Google-backed Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)? If you blog a lot or are a news publisher, yes. For eCommerce, the results are mixed, but it does seem to help conversions. However, your site needs to be optimized for speed for both desktop and mobile…then implement AMP. AMP is not a substitute for site optimization.

3. How We Increased the Readership of Buffer’s Blog to Over 1.5 Million Visits

Buffer went from 0 visitors to 1 million in 4 years. How did they do this? The did this by understanding what content their audience wants; by publishing on a schedule that “works” for their company and audience; and by spending as much time on promotion as they did on publication.

4. Make Your Pins Count: 7 Ways to Drive Sales and Traffic with Pinterest

Do you wonder where to spend your valuable social media time? If you have an eCommerce store, Pinterest provides the most bang for your social media buck.

5. The Best Music to Develop Websites to (What the Science Says)

Last, do you like to listen to music when you work? Studies indicate that music helps productivity when the task is repetitive. Don’t listen to music when you are learning something new, unless you are in a cramped environment. Then, it helps you focus.

Your SEO Top 5 for Succeeding Online

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05 Impact Zone SEO Newsletter 12 August 2017

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