Digital Preservation and Digital Curation Consulting Services

Here is how we can help you solve your digital stewardship problems, including documents, multimedia, and research data sets with our digital preservation and digital curation consulting services.

Understand the Definition of Digital Preservation

First, let us agree on the initial definition of “digital preservation”.

In library and archival science, digital preservation is a formal endeavor to ensure that digital information of continuing value remains accessible and usable.

It involves planning, resource allocation, and application of preservation methods and technologies, and it combines policies, strategies and actions to ensure access to reformatted and “born-digital” content, regardless of the challenges of media failure and technological change.

The goal of digital preservation is the accurate rendering of authenticated content over time. According to the Harrod’s Librarian Glossary, digital preservation is the method of keeping digital material alive so that they remain usable as technological advances render original hardware and software specification obsolete. —Wikipedia

Next, let us talk about why this matters, and how Impact Zone can help you follow preservation (and curation) best practices.

(Strictly speaking, curation is slightly different from digital preservation, but to save your brain today, we will save that distinction for a later discussion.)

Learn Why You Should Care About Digital Preservation and Digital Curation

Organizing your digital assets means you can more easily store, retrieve, preserve, and share them.

The benefit to you, your employees, clients, customers and users is that you can now spend your time consuming information and getting work done.

Digital preservation and digital curation are specialty forms of Data Asset Management (DAM).

You won’t waste precious time finding the information or going elsewhere because it isn’t findable on your site or in your internal system. It saves time, money, and frustration all around.

Last, in the event you need to access certain data or information for legal or compliance reasons, the correct information and data is available.

Understand What Digital Preservation and Digital Curation Consulting Services Provide

We deliver solid results with your digital photos, video, and documents by organizing and naming files and folders; correctly describing digital assets; developing cataloging strategies; creating or improving an ingestion workflow; and, creating or improving your working files management processes.

We aid in the development and maintenance of robust systems by advising on the selection of the right hardware and software; setting up back up systems and validating the data; aiding in data migration; and, providing methods and processes for research data management.

We help you keep your digital assets over the long term (20- to 100- years or more) by applying the OAIS Reference Model (TDR/ISO 14721) recommendations, as appropriate; applying Trusted Digital Repository (TDR/ISO 16363) policies, as appropriate; implementing human-readable preservation policies at the machine-level, when possible; and, performing other preservation-related work, as needed.

You may read portions of Jewel Ward’s doctoral work in digital preservation and curation on our blog. She has both hands-on experience and is familiar with the theories behind digital preservation.

Consulting rates for our digital preservation and digital curation consulting varies by project scope and type. Please contact us for further information.

Digital preservation and digital curation consulting for libraries and archives, and small businesses